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the story of how we started

“We are as transparent as possible. We don’t want to feed anyone any lies, we just want to tell the truth, tell our story and help people succeed and make this coin grow.”

PIXL provides the opportunity to bring exposure to the entire blockchain industry. We aren’t just an advertising platform. We offer the chance to work alongside the PIXL community to bring exposure to new crypto-currencies, hidden gems, crypto-businesses and more! Each time we secure new business, we will secure more investments in PIXL. This will in turn, drive the value of PIXL up and bring more exposure to our coin.


Ownership renounced
No dev/admin distribution


5% of every transaction is redistributed to the holders.


5% distributed to the
liquidity pool



Symbol: $PXL

Total supply: 1 quadrillion


Reserve: 0

Completely rugproof


Community BEP20 Donation Wallet ID:


Short edition – looking for the long edition of how to buy?
  1. Connect your wallet to Metamask
  2. Deposit BNB into your Wallet
  3. Go to pancakeswap here: “PancakeSwap Exchange
    (we use V1 of PancakeSwap Liquidity)
  4. Select a currency and enter the PIXL contract address into the search field:
  5. Click the cogwheel and set the slippage to 11%
  6. Set the amount you want to purchase and press thexchangee swap button.
  7. Confirm the transaction


Phase 1: EMERGENCE (2021)

Phase 1: EMERGENCE (2021)

Q2 2021
 Website launch / Website completion
 Fair launch Pre-sale on DXsale
 Pancake swap listing
Audit by Solidity Finance
 Basic marketing
 Listing on Coingecko
 Listing on CoinMarketCap
 Retro Arcade game integration
 Introduction of “coin of the week”
Brand awareness

Q3 2021
Secure API Dapp

 In-depth and advanced marketing campaign.
 Partnership developments
 Website usecase launch
 Advertisement partnership integration

Q4 2021
Pixl Decentralised Exchange
Pixl Wallet Dapp
 One million pixel image creation
 Fully established business partnership

Merchandise launch

Phase 2: VIRTUALISATION (2022)

Phase 2: VIRTUALISATION (2022)

Q1 2022
Pixl VR marketing

Q2 2022
Steam games Launch

Q3 2022
Pixl Charge Token Launch

Q4 2022
VR Exhibitions Launched

Phase 3: COMMERCE (2023)

Phase 3: COMMERCE (2023)

Q1 2023
Publicise Pixl Charter
Deploy Pixl Strategy

Q2 2023
Introduce pools to Pixl Dex

Q3 2023
Pixl Governance Token Launch

Q4 2023
Pixl Co Labs publicised
Partnerships developed further

Phase 4: MATURATION (2024)

Phase 4: MATURATION (2024)

Q2 2024
Geo Spatial Advertising

Q3 2024
Pixl Co Labs Bridged with Pixl VR

Phase 5: SOVEREINGTY (2025)

Phase 5: SOVEREINGTY (2025)

Q2 2025
Implement yield farming

Q3 2025
Expansion of LP pools

Q4 2025
Publicise our strategy Jettison Pixl

Phase 6: JETTISON (2026)

Phase 6: JETTISON (2026)

Q4 2026
If you love something, set it free