Published 30.08.2021


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We believe that advertising within the Crypto space is very manipulated and very much a case of money talks. Most retail investors are becoming tired of watching their favorite Youtuber or Twitter influencer shilling yet another Shitcoin just because they are being paid to do so, not because they have done any form of diligence or scope into the actual project and the merits it brings for the long or short term.

Value proposition/solution

Pixl Coin aims to bridge the gap between projects and investors by providing a platform of products that allow investors to be a part of the Pixl Coin community whilst simultaneously being exposed to handpicked advertisements of other projects that the Pixl Coin team feel share its values of transparency, honesty and integrity. By forging partnerships with other like-minded projects and allowing them to advertise across the Pixl Coin platform we can be sure that members of the Pixl Coin community are being advertised to in a non-manipulated manner and that funds received from such advertisements/endorsements are re invested back into the Pixl Coin project to further increase the value and content of the project itself.

  • Pixl Coin Arcade – A fun place where investors can play retro 8bit type games and in the future other projects will be able to advertise with games.
  • 1Million Pixl Advertising Page – A webpage made up of a million pixels where advertisers/projects can buy pixel space to recreate there logos above a hyperlink.
  • Pixl Coin Mobile Games – a range of mobile IOS/Android Games to be released purely for mobile. These games will in future allow advertising and in app purchases (all profits re-invested in Pixl Coin) …